Starting with the autumn of 2015, we are going to produce wood pellets made of energetic willow biomass as raw material and locust tree wood wastes.

The production of pellets offers the possibility of recovering the wastes resulted from both the agricultural and the forestry fields. The production process is carried out without using chemical substances. Through use of correct processing and packaging techniques, the pellets have a high heat output and are an ideal alternative to oil and gas.

The pellet’s heat outputs, as well as the ash wastes provide the guarantee for their quality and efficiency, given by quality certificates: EN Plus and DIN Plus.


  • They are a source of clean, modern and cheap energy.
  • A thermal power station using pellets, is considered ecological, and can be purchased through the GREEN HOUSE program, where you can benefit from a non-reimbursable amount of 6,000 RON (G.B. Pounds – EURO equivalent for comparisons.)
  • The pellets’ production is carried out by using wood and plant wastes, thus resulting in a cleaning of the natural environment from the ground pollutant materials.
  • Are neutral from the point of view of the carbon emissions, because during burning they emit approximately the same amount of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that was absorbed by the tree during its growth.
  • The ash resulted after burning the pellet can be used afterwards as natural fertilizer, as it is rich in minerals.

Our company supports the responsible attitude towards the environment and follows an extended system of controlling the origin of the wood, processing only registered wood, with documents of origin that meet the Romanian and EU legal requirements.

The illegal wood trade harms the forest and also the wood industry!