We produce, then produce again, we trade with quality and compliance certificates, plant, harvest and offer consultancy on new cultures such as the energetic willow and other energetic cultures.

We provide the know-how and the technical and managerial support needed both for our own investments and for investments designed for third parties. The domain covered by the services provided is large, starting with the consultancy before starting a business activity, the activities of establishing companies, the legal and economic support during and all the time the company exists, the consultancy on European funds, the consultancy on Green House Program, etc.

The consultancy services are directed towards current and future companies, foreign or Romanian, that want to establish an activity in Romania and in the neighboring countries (Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, etc.) or that want to diversify, add or develop other activities or already existing activities to their portfolio. We offer, depending on the type of business or investment that is intended to be carried out, the possibility to choose the best locations and the most efficient resources which can help at starting and performing activities.

Rebina Agrar provides technical support in:

  • Identifying and analyzing the land from an agricultural and chemical point of view.
  • Offering certified biological material – energetic willow cuttings.
  • Offering specific machines for planting or harvesting or both.
  • Drafting the APIA declaration.
  • Preparing documentations for obtaining the biomass origin certificate.
  • Technical support and consultancy, etc.

We offer services of managerial and legal support for:

  • Investments in the culture of energetic plants (energetic willow.)
  • Legal and economic support for the activities of founding companies and for performing their activities.
  • Establishing projects for European funding in the field of energetic willow cultures.
  • Guaranteeing the compliance with the Romanian legislative system.
  • Implementing some projects of research in the field.
  • Partnerships in the field of research projects.
  • Making available, by informing on time, all the opportunities as well as all the risks that may occur during business performance.
  • Consultancy for obtaining subsidies, European funding/financing for the energetic willow culture, etc.

Our team is formed by highly-trained specialists, consisting of graduates and professionals of Law, Legal and Administrative Sciences, Economics, University Bachelor Graduates, Master and PhD Post-Graduates of USAMVB Timisoara, specialized in Agriculture, Environment and Forestry, as well as graduates of technical studies from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and of other universities.

Our team is proud of having the first Doctor in Energetic Willow from Romania, whose work was achieved following the practical research activities from REBINA Agrar agricultural undertakings!